In Houston, the weather is anything but predictable. From heavy rains to stifling heat, the southeast Texas is hit with the gamut of weather conditions every year. One of those unpredictable weather conditions is hail storms. Hail storms can cause major damage to your roof and the rest of your home. Since your roof is designed to protect your home from the top down, it will typically take the brunt of the punishment placed on it by hail.

When it comes to hail damage to your roof, the shingles to your home can sustain significant damage, especially if your roofing shingles are old or if the hail was large. The best and surest method to making certain your roof is still healthy and strong is to schedule an inspection by one of our roofing professionals.


A periodical roof inspection is always a good idea. This ensures the health of your roof. After a hail storm or an extreme weather condition, like a hurricane (which we experience just about every year), it is imperative to schedule a roof inspection. At times, it is impossible to know how a storm has damaged a roof, unless shingles are missing. Missing shingles, however, is often the least of your worries when it comes to damage to a roof. Holes or cracks could be created within a roof due to hail damage, which could lead to major problems, and rather quickly. This doesn’t mean that missing shingles should be ignored. Those should be replaced immediately.

Checking for problems in the roof that can’t be seen with the naked eye is crucial to protecting your home. These problems can include soft spots in the roof, which can be a sign of a large problem within the roofing structure.


If your home has experienced hail damage, contact EZ Roof in Houston to conduct a roof inspection or conduct roof repairs. Our roofing specialists look forward to helping maintain your roof’s health and strength through all the future storms.