The change of seasons in the year always brings potential problems to your roof. Whether that is storm damage, falling limbs, or simply dead leaves, your roof could suffer damage. Along with protecting your roof, you need to protect your rain gutters by keeping them clean. An efficient method to keeping your gutters clean is by utilizing gutter covers and leaf screens.

Regardless of what type of gutter system you choose, gutters and roofs need maintenance. If you have open rain gutters, they should be cleaned at least twice a year: in the spring after trees bud, and in the fall after they drop their leaves. Depending on weather conditions and where you live, an additional cleaning or two may also be necessary.

Clean Gutters Can Help Your Roof

Protecting your gutters can help protect your roof. By keeping your gutters clean, this allows for rain to run through the gutter system seamlessly. This ensures water doesn’t become trapped and doesn’t overflow the gutter, getting into the crevices of the roof. Old leaves and water can harm the structure of the roof by creating rot in the wood.

Gutters are also necessary to protect your yard, your porches, walkways and other areas by allowing water to drain in specifically desired locations.

At EZ Roof in Houston, we offer homeowners the opportunity to better protect their homes with gutter covers and leaf screens. Our roofers provide detailed information about how gutters, gutter covers, and leaf screens work and can protect a roof. They also ensure that every question and concern of the homeowner is addressed.

Get Your Roof Gutters and More at EZ Roof

If your roof needs gutters or if your gutters need covers and leaf screens, then come to EZ Roof in Houston. Our professional roofers can quickly install them so that you can continue to protect your home.