The term ‘roof’ is used to refer to an entire assembly, including both the roofing components such as the membrane, insulation, and vapor retarder, as well as the structural deck. The structural deck not only supports the roofing components, but it also supports any intended rooftop equipment (such as heating/air-conditioning units), as well as people and snow loads.

For flat roofs (also referred to as low-sloped roofs, since all roofs require some slope to drain), structural decks are usually constructed of concrete or steel. For the latter, the most common is fluted metal decking on open web steel joists (OWSJs). Roof decks are designed to support a particular load (or weight). Therefore, it is important that any changes to the loading conditions be carefully assessed.

At EZ Roof, our roofing professionals have assembled countless flat roofs for businesses, organizations, churches, and the like. We are highly experienced in this type of roofing, which makes us one of the top-rated and most trusted flat roof installers in Houston. Our experts make certain that every aspect of the roof is placed and built correctly.

Why EZ Roof for Your Flat Roof

When it comes to installing a flat roof, or any roof for that matter, you always want to make certain that you choose professionals who are highly trained and skilled to conduct your roof installment. Flat roofs are primarily used on facility structures, like businesses and organizations. These buildings are major financial investments, so protecting them from the top down is incredibly important. A durable and well-designed roof will help protect the overall structure of the facility.

Choose EZ Roof for All Your Roofing Needs

Whether a flat roof or a traditional roof, EZ Roof in Houston is the prime choice for all your roofing needs. If your business or organization is in the building process, consider having EZ Roof build your flat roof. Contact our Houston roofing company and schedule our team to come build your roof.